I am a storyteller.

Since I was a child, I would shy away from the limelight and find great comfort behind a pen and pad, telling stories. The craft of writing is something that I have always been passionate about and today it has become a skill I have been perfecting for nearly two decades of my life.

GRAND Finale!

The finale for Miss Grand Sri Lanka for Miss Grand International, Top Model of the World and Mister International Sri Lanka was held at the Water Edge. The glitterati of Colombo were present to witness the prestigious pageant which saw the glamourous contestants’...

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A Whale of a Time with Fairway

The adrenaline rush at spotting a blue whale is awesome and seeing one from 1500ft up in the air is an experience worth having! On a balmy Friday morning, the Cessna T206H hovered over the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean. The water turned a deeper hue due to the...

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The ‘Sailogues’

Saira Cader, a spirited young lady who threw caution to the wind and literally seized the day is the inspiration for my story. ‘Sailogue’ (derived from the word ‘Travelogue’) is the term which popped into my head as I kept living my life vicariously through her...

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Adventurous Ashan

Have you ever had a picnic by a cliff overlooking the aqua marine sea, enjoyed a scrumptious village meal by a gurgling stream after a two hour hike up a blessed rock or been lulled to sleep by the chirping sounds of the crickets as the moon shone brightly on to your...

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An architect with a heart of gold

Standing tall and poised with a dazzling smile, she is an embodiment of grace and sheer elegance; similar to Princess Diana. Yet, a deeper look into this beauty reveals nerves of steel and a strong will power. She was THE artist of our grade; drawing pictures for us, her friends. Her artistic flair superseded the rest as she displayed her talent and love for drawing at every given turn. One simply could not think of her apart from her drawing, it was an all-in-one package and later on it seemed natural that she would opt for art and follow a career that required drawing in some sense.

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That Deadly ‘Viper’

His low tackles were akin to a bite by the most venomous snake endemic to the island, the Russell’s Viper, hence earning him the moniker ‘VIPER.’ This is none other than the legendary rugby player who represented Airforce, CR & FC and Sri Lanka, who dominated play...

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Blue Whale at 12 O’clock!

There’s something at 12 o’clock, shouted Ashan…and the few of us lunged for our cameras and looked straight ahead, balancing ourselves on whatever we could to, for dear life. Straining our eyes, willing it not to even blink, just so we could spot the most gigantic and...

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