Aiyaana’s exquisite designs appeals to that distinctive style of each person. The inspired motifs are intricately hand crafted using precious and semi- precious stones, which has a timeless appeal and elegance. The vast array of jewellery is the ideal heirloom for those who value the personalized touch.

Drawing inspiration from anything that appeals to her senses, Nisha Ramnani, the brainchild behind Aiyaana’s beautiful collection goes the extra mile to make-one-of-a-kind pieces which allure her clientele. Being of Indian parentage, Nisha grew up in Spain but made frequent visits to Sri Lanka to visit her maternal grandparents, settling down for good in the island after her marriage to Sunil. Having a degree in Child Psychology gave her a passion to uplift and enrich the lives of the mentally disabled kids from poor financial backgrounds.  In time, the mom of two whose life revolves around her family explored her love and passion for design. “Even as a child, I would love to design my own clothes and would spend my free time doodling on a notepad. This fascination transpired into designing my own jewellery which would be the cynosure of all eyes at various functions and my friends would urge me to design items for them.” Subsequently, she found her calling in the burgeoning custom-made jewellery designs which she aptly named Aiyaana which means ‘eternal blossom’.

“Crafting a client’s imagination into jewellery garners immeasurable sentimental value,” stated Nisha, who has penetrated many foreign markets with a desire to make her presence felt globally.  Her love for design coupled with innovation has given rise to a brand new concept for the near future; a jewellery collection for men.

“It gives me a great sense of satisfaction when my creations come to life through delicately placed stones or pearls or the best of both on a silver base. Sri Lanka has a myriad of colourful gems to choose from and many folk who possess mastery in workmanship, which when intertwined is bound to produce the most amazing and elaborate designs.” Through Aiyaana she provides a platform for Sri Lankan talent to be showcased while empowering the lives of women and men who, despite their abilities have not had the opportunity to display their skills. She who was drawn to design had only a rudimentary knowledge of gemology at first but she attained a wider awareness through online portals, courses and associating closely with the suppliers and craftsmen. Since its inception, Aiyaana has grown stealthily, mainly due to her adherence to strict standards and her keen eye for detail. Each item is subject to her scrutiny and approved after a thorough quality check. “I maintain these methods to ensure that my clients get the best,” added she.

The authentic designs are on display and available for purchase at the Trunk, Cinnamon Grand , Zudhora at Race Course and Dress Bay which is an online store or through the website

You can also find them on social media through the Facebook page and instagram aiyaana_jewellery

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