The girl’s got it all; the beauty, the brains and the title! Amritaa De Silva, Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2016 flashes her mega- watt smile with a sparkle in her eyes as she poses for the cover of Elegant, exuding a childlike exuberance and sensuous appeal, she eases into her role as supermodel with éclat.

She is at the prime of her life, epitomizing ‘beauty with a purpose’ in every action, driven by a fearless passion to explore the vast ocean called life. She does not fit into the mould of the stereotypical model but her joie-de vivre’ has gained popularity beyond her flair for modeling.   

I am woman I’m strong and proud

I’m not afraid to love or laugh out loud

I am woman exceptionally exceptional woman

that’s me

I am woman I’m courageous and bold

I’m not afraid to give my heart and my soul

I am woman exceptionally exceptional woman that’s me

I am woman I don’t strive for perfection

I am not perfect at times I seek directions

I am woman exceptionally exceptional woman yes that’s me.

I Am Woman

-Cindy Cato

Wise beyond her years, the model who challenges the norm refuses to be contained. Taking the bold step to apply for the pageant ‘Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2016’ she surprised even her family when she won as she did not display a passion for modeling as a child, preferring to explore the interests deemed ‘boyish’, after all the pageant transpired upon her return from England as a BSc. in Computing and software engineering; a field of study dominated by males.

ELEGANT: What was it like being part of popular pageant such as Miss World?

It was an honour to be chosen to represent Sri Lanka at a global platform and emerge among  the top 24 of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ mini title and overall into top 50 of Miss World’ despite the stiff competition. It was a title which came with responsibility and I was determined to make my country proud.

Being easy- going and friendly she forged many lifelong friendships during the international pageant held in Washington DC.

ELEGANT: What did the title entail?

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ which I accepted with joy as it required being involved in enriching the lives of those who were unable to reciprocate. It was not curtailed to merely the fame but the feeling of satisfaction in serving the less fortunate and creating a glimmer of hope in their lives.

ELEGANT: What were the avenues which opened for you?

The ensuing years paved the way for me to work with aspiring models who are inspired by my zest for life .It also gave me the opportunity to work with underprivileged children, which is a matter close to my heart.  Further, it opened many doors to the world of beauty but I am particular about representing socially responsible brands who contribute towards the betterment of society in the long run.

ELEGANT: Describe your childhood?

Extremely adventurous! My father Russell, a Sri Lankan and my mother, Karin and Austrian loved to explore and they took us on many of their expeditions around the island. Our journeys spanned continents as well as my parents loved to drive from Germany to Sri Lanka and other destinations. We would would hop into a caravan and drive for days or months admiring various cultures and landscapes. My siblings, Savitaa, Patsy Sybil, Raavana, Bipasha and I were cacooned in love and warmth and taught to value our roots.

The girl who loathes shopping and make-up basks in the her role as a model, much to the amazement of those who have known her love for manual vehicles, sports and other interests which are deemed masculine.

During the shoot at celebrated photographer Arantha’s studio, the model in her emerged with starling clarity. “She’s the quintessence of a dream model with her innate ability to talk to the camera without uttering a word”

ELEGANT: How was your school life?

I enjoyed every minute of my days at All Saints as it gave me the opportunity to befriend those who hailed from all walks of life.

ELEGANT: Did you stand apart due to your mixed heritage?

Yes I did due to my complexion but that where the comparison ended as I was 100% Sri Lankan in my love for food, culture and more.

ELEGANT: What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to continue in this field as long as I can but I have a dream to provide a novel form of tourism which has hitherto been unexplored in Sri Lanka. I would also love to follow my heart’s desire to work for enhancing the lives of children.

ELEGANT: What is your advice to the future generation?

Be unafraid and follow your heart. Do not compromise on values but follow your dreams as anything is possible but the secret lies in taking that one step towards achieving them either in one go or one at a time.

In between the shoot, her mom Karin walked in and was promptly interviewed by yours truly as I was on a mission to obtain a comprehensive outlook about Amritaa.

ELEGANT: What can you say about your daughter and her achievements?

Karin: My husband and I are extremely proud of her and her continuous work for the destitute which is part of her responsibility as a model. She has strong characteristic traits and has always been aware of what she wants to do. She is also the peacemaker in the family with her cheerful disposition and effervescent personality brings a lot of cheer. She is also a vegetarian who loves cooking and she can cook up a storm be it Italian, Chinese, Indian or more.I settled in Sri Lanka during the height of the civil war but my husband and I gave the children a secure life filled with love and instilled a profound love for the county and its people.  

Brand Ambassador for LICC Jeans

Amritaa will be representing the all Sri Lankan brand of jeans L.I.C.C. (Long Island Clothing Company) from 21st February 2018. This would be the ideal brand which encompasses the person she is, a young woman who values attire that portrays cool comfort and style.  LiCC Jeans strives to become a global jeans brand expanding its horizons with the passion to be a brand that builds collections that promote positive and vibrant lifestyle, much similar to woman and man of today.

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