Danu Innasithamby, the gregarious Director Programming at Lite FM who says it like it is, celebrates fifteen years in the entertainment industry this year.  Dabbling in various genres such as modeling, radio/television presenting, compering, freelance journalism, stage acting and so much more, this extrovert personality is a celebrity in every sense of the word.

His life is an open book of memories and mementos; hailing from Jaffna, they moved to Colombo after the untimely demise of his father and the little boy grew up sheltered by his mother and sister. It was far from an easy life as their hard working mother Jovitha dedicated her time, energy and all her talents to ensure the survival of their family.

“Dada was a talker!” was his description of his beloved father, a characteristic that has bestowed to Danu without reserve as the ‘Jaffna Boy’ certainly has the gift of the gab.

 As a student of St. Peter’s College Danu excelled in his acting skills, winning the best actor awards in the Shakespeare Drama competitions. At present he continues to mesmerize the audiences at every major production staged by the industry maestros.

He does possess a high level of sensitivity which makes him a big softie. He is after all, a versatile package of love, oozing panache and individualistic style. In short Danu cannot be contained.

What prompted you to join the entertainment industry?

“I loathed Mathematics and it came as no surprise when I did not pass the subject at my O/L examination, which made me search for a job and I found my calling as a Radio Presenter. Here was a career path which allowed me to expand my horizons, it was made for me,” declared Danu who had hit the proverbial nail in his chosen career.

Model Extraodinaire

Once Danu sets his mind on something there is no looking back, which is what made him conquer the modeling arena as well.

A Surprising Discovery by the ‘Jaffna Boy’

‘Jaffna Boy ’is a pseudonym used by Danu in his contributions to the newspaper, another surprising discovery by him whose life can be compared to a ‘Jack-in the –Box in terms of self- discoveries. “I never associated myself with writing but when Sujan of Wijeya Newspapers approached me with a proposition I could not back away and I have never failed to comply with the deadlines.

Biggest Regret

Danu’s happy-go-lucky trait is marred by one big regret, “ I am sad that that we were not able to provide our beloved mummy with all the comforts she deserved and repay her for the sacrifices she made on our behalf as she too passed away just when we were climbing the corporate ladder.

Sibling Love

The Innasithamby siblings share a close relationship and find comfort in knowing that there mother’s hard-work and love has finally paid off as they have reached the pinnacle in every sphere of their lives while retaining the unique family bond which was passed on by their beautiful Mummy.

My Sister’s Kitchen

‘My Sister’s Kitchen,’ is a long awaited venture by his loving sister Tanuja who has an extraordinary knack for cooking. Her talents and reputation has surpassed her and she ultimately gave into her dream of spreading the love to all who desire to taste her ‘home cooked meals’.

“My sister found her ability quite by chance as Mummy fell ill and her concoctions had an element of surprise and I jokingly asked Mummy if she was bluffing all these years as Akka’s cooking was amazing. She stirs the senses of anyone who tastes her dishes and she pours in all her love to ensure that her guests enjoy every morsel,” said the adoring brother adding that every dish portrays a story or a sense of who they are.

The Wonderful World of Opportunities

Another wonderful aspect of Danu is his belief in God as he has witnessed His miraculous power first hand through the many opportunities that have continued to come his way.

No Stone Left Unturned

He has also excelled in every field, even in terms of education Danu has not left a stone unturned having completed the degrees and challenging himself to pursue the highest goals in all his career aspirations.

The Voice of the Under-dog

Having been bullied unnecessarily as a youngster has further enabled Danu to spearhead the cause of the underdog and he does so with a passion as he understands the plight of those who possess the most unique characteristics that make them stand out instead of blending in with the masses, after all he, Danu refused to be caste into a mould and let his beautiful character shine through and fifteen years down the line we have seen the success of his efforts and realized that beneath his fun loving, easy –going exterior is a strength, loyalty, integrity and determination that is prevalent to those who know him well.

We at Elegant wish him success in all his endeavours and wish him many more years of fame!

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