Dasantha Fonseka is the visionary et al, spearheading the rapidly expanding Total Eye Care Provider, Vision Care.  It is the country’s no 01 ophthalmology care facility which is on its milestone 25th year, having established 46 branches in 15 districts and 09 provinces, in addition to auxiliary facilities offered such as mobile units and home visits. The wide network of showrooms spanning the island is equipped with state-of- the- art facilities providing a vast range of services to millions of customers.

The innovative entrepreneur who  is supported by his spouse Kumari Fonseka, are qualified Ophthalmic Technologists with over 20 years’ of experience in the field of Optometry having restored the vision of many through their extensive operation which continues to go beyond expectation in reaching out to people. His brother Janaka Fonseka , who hails from  a strong background in Information Technology , joined the family business in 1994, heading the company’s operations in the capacity of Managing Director today. During this jubilee year, Vision Care held many benevolent ventures such as donating spectacles to the needy, organizing workshops and mobile eye-care units en- gratis basis.

Sight First

“The idea of establishing an Opticare service first dawned in 1992, when I was an optometry student. I saw my thought materialize in the founding of Vision Care at Norris Canal Road. Optometry was an existing sphere but I wished to add more value to it as I witnessed the limited options available to customers at the time. This was a niche field I wished to penetrate and I did so with a passion. My main aim was to make our people aware of the importance of sight, which is one of the most amazing senses with the eyes being considered the windows to our very soul. Vision Care paved the way for people to view their eyes in an unprecedented manner. Gone were the days when folks sought an optometrist to supply a basic pair of eye glasses after a mere glance or a prescription. Vision Care continues to stress on the importance of regular eye check-ups for youngsters and adults alike, while highlighting the various eye related issues and the appropriate remedies offered. Vision Care has further revamped  the concept of individualistic fashion sense in eye-wear through the array of world renowned brands and much more,” stated the far-thinking CEO, who envisioned a dream which has become a reality 25 years later.

Celebrating a Milestone   

Sri Lanka’s premier eye-care specialist Vision Care celebrated its 25th anniversary on 5th February 2017. The significant milestone which has been reached by the best eye-care provider in the country is further commemorated through a series of events and CSR activities.

One such magnanimous venture is the Vision Care Nethralokana Sathkara Project. The pioneering initiative saw the distribution of 25,000 spectacles to the deserving folk in various parts of the island at zero cost, restoring their sight and putting a smile on their faces. The purpose or ultimate goal of Vision Care has resulted in the awareness and education of vision impairment and preventable blindness among the masses. It further complements the Governments goal to eradicate avoidable blindness from Sri Lanka by 2020 through ‘Vision 2020’.” Vision Care will continue to serve the nation in the years to come by providing the optimum solutions to all the visual and auditory needs of the people while retaining its reputation as Sri Lanka’s No. 01 eye and hearing care provider.

Moreover, Dasantha Fonseka has been instrumental in bringing in a wide array of world-famous brands of spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses and other optical/ophthalmic products and offering them at reasonable prices to the customers through Vision Care.

Known for its years of trusted excellence and continuous adoption of the latest technology, Vision Care is the market leader in eye care and hearing solutions in the country today with fully qualified professionals who conduct comprehensive eye examinations using state-of- the-art equipment to ensure perfect vision and hearing at their 46 outlets island wide.

“We understand that individuals of different ages have varying needs and do our best to provide a personalized service,” remarked he.

Eye- Opener

  • 3 in 4 Sri Lankans need some type of corrective lens
  • 64% of Lankans wear eyeglasses
  • 14% of Lankans wear eyeglasses
  • 90% of people who use a computer for 3 hours without a break, experience Computer Vision Syndrome
  • 14 MILLION Sri Lankans have self- reported vision impairment out of which only 11million can correct their vision 20/40.
  • Signs that you need vision correction –Blurred vision, Double vision, Squinting, Glare/ Halos around lights, Eye strain

Bridging the Gap

Dasantha has not only promulgated the importance of Vision Care through its vast network of branches but he has formulated a  system through the establishment of Vision Care an exceptional team that was highly-trained to continuously deliver excellence to customers should be at the core of this transformation. To create such a team, carefully-selected individuals were provided with state-of-the-art technology that delivered fast, accurate results. Continuous improvement is part of the Vision Care DNA. “We are constantly looking for new products, services and technologies to introduce to the Sri Lankan market. This passion for all things related to eye care has helped us keep up with the fast-developing world by improving our offering to our valued customers. With a new vision in terms of eye care and we wish to pledge our continuous aim to provide the best solutions which are on par with global standards,” said he.

The Bigger Picture

The Vision Care Academy was founded in April, 2008 as a brilliant idea of Mr. Dasantha Fonseka, to train in- house staff. It passed the first milestone by registering the Certificate Course for Ophthalmic Assistants at the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) Sri Lanka in May, 2011, and in 2015 Vision Care Academy was accepted as a full time member of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO), India.

In March, 2012, the academy moved in to a brand new building allocated for the functions of the academy, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art facilities with a steady focus on expansion and innovation.

“At present we are conducting two full-time and one, part-time course primarily on total eye care and another related to Audiometry.  All certificate courses are conducted under the supervision of TVEC.

Over the last eight years, we have conducted six Certificate Programs for Ophthalmic Assistants, and passed –out fifty two students in the process. The two certificate programs for Audiometricians resulted in thirty students obtaining certification. In addition, the two Certificate programs for Dispensing Opticians passed-out fourteen students and the two Diploma programs for Optometrists passed-out eleven students.

Our students have furthered their talents and proved their worth through company sponsored overseas training programs and accumulated accolades and awards in the recent years.

 As an academy, our main priority is to reach the ultimate standards and transform the competencies of our trainees by steering them towards a more customer-oriented and focus-driven path which will ultimately ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The Academy is duty-bound to accomplish its goal through its comprehensive educational program which requires a high level of commitment and rigorous academic performance,” added he.

Currently there are 100 students who have successfully completed the one year training program and continue to work as Ophthalmic Assistants and Optometrists in our branches.

As the years progressed, Vision Care focused its energies on being the first company to take Sri Lanka’s eye care industry to a higher level.

This lofty goal was achieved by addressing several key areas that needed to be improved. The visionary management of Vision Care soon identified that strengths lie in a professional and dedicated team of employees who go beyond their limit to provide the best service to their customers. Vision Care has been awarded the ISO9001:2008 QMS in 2009 accrediations, highlighting our adherence to international standards, We have the capability of offering a one- stop eye care center, which caters to any need pertaining to eye care. We have invested in the most advanced eye-care related technology available in the world today along with a team of Ophthalmic Technologists & Optometrists who have gained a reputation as the best in Sri Lanka

The Dynamic Team

“One of the driving forces in the success story of Vision Care is our outstanding human resource pool as we believe in hiring individuals who are passionate about their job and are willing to learn and grow.

All employees undergo regular training locally and overseas to ensure that they are up-to-date with the knowledge required to provide the highest quality of service in order to build long-lasting relationships. Today, we have a team in excess of three hundred people, which includes qualified Ophthalmic Technologists, Optometrists and well-trained sales personnel,” stated Dasantha, considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of optometry.

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