The ever youthful Dhanush De Costa displays his acrobatic skills as he aims and shoots, capturing the most breathtakingly beautiful scenarios, epic portraits and thought evoking images. His journey as a multi-faceted photographer has spiraled into him being sought after by those clearly on the look-out for something unique in a picture…

His escapades in the jungle, at weddings, in the Serengeti, fashion shoots ,and many other locations finds him soaring through the air, crawling on all fours, dangling from trees or staying put atop moving vehicles which makes you wonder if he could be Peter Pan in disguise, I mean the guy never seems to age either ! In addition to all of the above what makes him special is his obliging manner and mischievous grin. His ability to try any radical form of photography to bring out the most profound message stirs the emotions and ensures yet another client who tends to be hooked on for life. His talent lies in being able to tap into the hearts of his ever-growing customer base (one may refer to them as a fan base) is the personalized care he gives to each and every one of them. He is also a rebel in the constantly changing frame of photography, refusing to conform to the norm. Well if anyone does try to constrain him, I am certain that he will surprise them like Jack-in-the-box with his cheeky laughter and constant adrenaline rush.

Going Back to His Roots

Well of all the incredulous revelations is Dhanush’s confession of not wanting any part in photography (at first), which was a rebellion of sorts. His initial career option was advertising. Gradually, he identified a capability for creative photography which gave him more spending money than his regular job. So finally the prodigal was back and in true form, convinced his father to teach him the ropes. “My father was happy to teach me but he was annoyed that he had to reinvest in equipment after selling it due to resigning to the fact that I had chosen a different career path instead of following his footsteps but he was thrilled that I was back and on a ‘photography high’!”

A Chilled Effect  

Yet, he in true Dhanush style, broke the barriers of rigid photography and revolutionized the concept, adding that element of fun and enjoyment. Being an extrovert and empathetic individual, he identified each person’s need and catered to it. At weddings he would crack a joke or two to break the tension of the bridal retinue which results in shutter happy folk who are in their element.

He allows the client to set the pace as he clicks away and unbeknown to him/her Dhanush has captured a masterpiece, mainly due to the ease he creates.

Wild and Free

The wild has always beckoned him, which is the reason for his many trips to Yala, Wilpattu and the deep jungles of Sri Lanka, but his ultimate dream of seeing the big cats and more came true, thanks to a special someone. “The Discovery channel and Animal Planet became a reality and I was mesmerized by the wonders of Maasai Mara. The Serengeti came to life and I was part of it as I witnessed the great migration of the wildebeest, spectacular vistas which kept altering within minutes, kills and thrills as the predators hunted for their food, giraffes and elephants thrived in their own habitat just the way I liked it,” enthused Dhanush, who intends to go back to that rejuvenating place once again.

“Referring to a blurred picture of the migration, he added that it was a favourite. “ The migration was full of action and this picture gives you that effect and feel of powerful, adrenaline-pumping movement which is energizing.”

At this year’s Fairway Galle Literary Festival (FGLF) he was part of yet another pioneering effort titled‘Paintography by Dillai and Dhanush.’ “Dillai’s amazing painting done over Dhanush’s mesmerizing pictures gave it a 3D effect, creating an artistic marvel.

Limitless Cubes: The Foto Cube

His company which is called The Foto Cube has received rave reviews and they prove his tendency to touch the core of each person, giving it his all to make their lives special. Not only does he capture their special moments but builds a rapport, a strong bond so to speak with each of them, and they in turn embrace him as part of their inner circle of friends and family.

Five Star Reviews

“The best of the best!  Dhanush really made our wedding photo shoots relaxing and chilled out ! We all enjoyed every bit of it! He knows to capture all natural events that take place and doesn’t make you do anything artificial.”

“Dhanush went above and beyond and played a huge part in making our wedding the best day of our lives. As for his/their photos – they are simply out of this world!”

“The perfect guy to cover any event! The best thing is that the whole process will keep you stress free. You tell them what you want and you will get something better.. simple as that!”

“Dhanush does not only have the ability to capture perfect moments but together with his team, is reliable, flexible and an absolute gem to work with. The entire bridal team was at ease and this is clearly reflected in our wonderful photos”

Adorable Cubes: The Baby Cube

Then ofcourse, there is that ever so adorable pictures taken through The Baby Cube, which is a novel concept conjured by Dhanush and the stunning Rasha Yusuf. They work as a team to bring in the element of fun to the wonder years of a baby. The precious bundles of joy are placed in creative backdrops as desired by the parents who treasure the special pictures for life.

Pet-o-Rama: The Pet Cube  

Being an animal and having his own fur babies, Milo and Skye gave him the scope to create portraits of pets through The Pet Cube as he pandered to the multiple requests by clients.

Picture Perfect    

“Surmise it to say, there is a method to the madness, so it is important while you passionately click away, that you aspire to master the technology which gives you a cutting edge. As my father used to say, being a photographer gives you a sense of power which enables you to request Presidents and royalty to sit or stand or pose in a manner which enhances their importance. When you make a mark, let it be unique and appealing to your clients; be willing to change with the times, be innovative and let your imagination develop and remain humble and ever-willing to learn, even from those who are younger or less experienced than you.” 

Dhanush comes across as being ultra- sensitive, which I believe is his greatest strength as he feels what each person is searching for and draws it out with a clarity that is seen in his extraordinary photographs.   “I allow the pictures to do the talking” said the professional photographer who thrives in what he loves the most, similar to a gleeful kid at play.

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