The dusky, doe eyed beauty, Dil Sapukothanage puts a bride instantly at ease with her carefree ebullient manner and pleasant disposition. With Dil, one gets the feeling of being dressed by a loved one, which sets the tone for a bride and the retinue to bask in the joy that comes with celebrating a wedding.

It is not merely at weddings as Dil, who provides beauty care in her retro styled salon, is a firm favourite among her clients from all walks of life. Her quintessential expertise, coupled with certified industry based knowledge has given her the cutting edge (no pun intended) in style and éclat in the ever evolving beauty industry. She is on par with the dynamics of her trade, constantly challenging herself to create works of art while enhancing the natural beauty of each person.

Her application style and knowledge of make –up, shadows, lighting and bone structure results in the transformation of any person Dil pays attention to. Thereafter, the exquisite masterpiece (bride or other) radiates an amazing vibe felt by all.

A childhood Trait

“As a child I would always be drawn to fashion and the constant attraction and dabbling grew to a career which has spanned over ten years,” confessed Dil. The young fashionista blossomed into a make-up artist, joining Headmasters under the purview of the renowned Beautician, Cheryl Gooneratne.

The personalized Touch

Her knack for experimenting combined with a keen eye for detail secured a significant clientele, who realized her potential. She would fuss and cajole similar to a doting family member and ensure the client received much more than they hoped for. The end result was and is always a super satisfied customer, who has fallen hook, line sinker to her charming personality.

My association with Dil has spanned over a decade and I can vouch to the testimonies of her loyal customers as I too am one. Through the years, Dil has accommodated my many requests and caused me to brave the distance in order to experience her magical touch. Her genuine concern, care and unbridled compliments tend to uplift the soul as she effortlessly enhances the physical attributes of her clients.

When your Passion becomes your Work

“ I am aware that this line of work involves constant change and it requires being up-to-date in the ever-evolving beauty mantras, hence my  visits to the London academy, which I look forward to. At the Academy I gain a thorough knowledge about the various aspects related to make-up application. I eagerly await the course of study which lasts one week and head back with a head full of possibilities which I am eager to try-out on my clients,” said the passionate beauty who “absolutely loves what she does!”

With Dil, a stressed bride would find an oasis of comfort, understanding and a listening ear. “It is her day and her opinion matters. I can merely offer my suggestions but ultimately the decision is hers,” are refreshing words to any bride and I can imagine her breathing a sigh of relief at finding someone who wishes to give her undivided attention.

Working with the industry experts, from renowned photographers to the top models, Dil’s reputation as a passionate and committed beautician has spread to every nook and cranny in the trade. Yet, despite he demand for her time, Dil is determined to give every client her best, “ I do not take an appointment if I cannot give them 100% !”

We at the other end of the spectrum, fail to see the hard work and commitment required to achieve success but Dil briefed me on the various aspects that she has to pay close attention to, “It is an extremely demanding job and it does take its toll due to the odd hours of work and lack of sleep as it requires being constantly on your feet. One’s creativity and the current knowledge of the job play a key role in defining the various requirements in makeup application pertaining to fashion and bridal shoots.

The Greatest Source of Strength: Family

My family is extremely important to me, starting from my husband Thushara and my sons. We are a close-knit family despite our busy schedules and we make time for each other. We reconnect with each other through family vacations and daily set time.

The reason for her stance to work from home is mainly due to her sons as she did not want to miss out on the milestones in their lives during the formative years. “Even now I am grateful for the decision I made as I have some amazing memories.


 A Resolute Stance  

“My past times include (if ever I find time),” she added jokingly is watching movies and dancing. A self-confessed ‘foodie’ this sexy lady keeps her body toned through regular exercise in spite of her busy schedule.

Despite the rampant competition in this field, Dil has proven herself through her work. The umpteenth challenges she has faced or continues to face, in effect only strengthens her resolve to stay committed and never give up.

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