Naomi Rajaratnam has done wonders to the dance fraternity of the island. She is a trailblazer in her field and the usually reserved beauty metamorphs into a graceful dancer on the floor drawing admiration from audiences around the world.

A Ballerina in the making

As a child Naomi, who was an avid reader, would pore over the images of ballerinas in elegant postures, never imagining that she would be one of the foremost danseuse of this country. As the years wove on, the five year old Naomi was boarded at Bishop’s College and to her great delight Timmy Ingleton, a British Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet) qualified teacher taught her the intricate styles of ballet. This was her initial foray into a rhythmic dimension which has been an integral part of her life ever since.

Those who watched her were mesmerized and recognized her inept ability to portray the most profound emotions through her dancing. Thereafter, she learned the western and eastern dance forms giving her a vast repertoire of dance styles to choose from.

Her talent was duly recognized and awarded at many events she participated in and by 16 years she was a favourite dancer at Timmy’s school, encouraging students to strive towards excellence.

Into the limelight

Thereafter, her capabilities propelled her into the limelight of Colombo’s social sphere, with her choreographing prestigious pageants such as Miss Sri Lanka, Manhunt, Working Girl and more. Further her flair for teaching wooed many a pupil irrespective of age to her studio and she ensured that her students participated in local and international competitions and coached them in preparation for examinations related to dance.

Poetry in Motion

“My students performed exceptionally at the international competitions which were held in all parts of the world,” reminisced Naomi, adding that one has to possess a passion for dance and be disciplined to the core in order to succeed, as dance in its most refined form is pure poetry in motion….

Trevor: A stalwart in the travel industry and a great strength to the ‘Dancing Queen’

Naomi is supported by her equally famous spouse, Trevor Rajaratnam, a stalwart in the travel trade. A celebrated cricketer during his school days and during his tenure at the Colts Cricket Club, Trevor rose to fame as a reputed travel maestro, having pioneered many groundbreaking efforts in his 44 years in the industry, having held many positions in all the travel and Sri Lanka cricket related bodies.


They merit the success of their marriage and careers to God and their ever supportive church family, friends and loved ones and the manner in which they have supported each other in life.

The ‘Resurrection’

After a hiatus of nine (09) years, Naomi who is a staunch member of the WOW church in Sri Lanka, praises God for reviving her skills at her 2017 concert aptly titled ‘Resurrection’! It enthralled a packed audience who sought to view the resurrection of performances which had the signature appeal of Naomi stamped on it. Since then, Naomi has continued to conduct dance classes for those who are passionate about it, teaching Latin, Ballroom, Fusion and contemporary styles. Those who enjoy her concerts are in for a treat as she has already selected a title for her next concert.

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