Shahareen Sappideen and her daughter Rashmin created a much needed space through careful observation and understanding that each person is of value and simply presenting them with any old gift is not done. After all, what would be the novelty in that?  “Gift-giving has taken on a new dimension… In recent times it has transformed into an art – with creativity adding that, much-needed impetus to make the gift more heartfelt”. The muse for the creation of HS Boutique & HS Gift Service – the online store, and gift service that provides customised gifts.

Looking for a beautiful gift to send your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary or ‘just because, look no further than the mother-daughter inspired gift service that has expressed the art of presenting to perfection, ensuring the receiver of the gift feels extra special.

“We go the extra mile to search for that perfect gift which makes a lasting impression as the receiver instinctively knows that you have spent time in curating that perfect gift. We ourselves like to be the recipients of a thoughtful gift that is elegantly presented and lasts in our hearts, which is the reason for us to go into meticulous detail in presenting a gift. It is far more worth than a haphazardly packaged or randomly picked ‘gift’ which might be tossed away and forgotten. “While we specialize in gifts to your loved ones, we also possess the expertise to curate corporate gifts and tokens of appreciation to associates and acquaintances that deserve a special gift”.

With their zest for life and love for dancing, the duo initially established the much talked about Hype Studio which started as a multi-purpose space for artists; to create, connect and inspire. “Our studio served as an all-purpose space for a variety of activities such as dance, art, drama, arts and crafts, workshops, mini-product launches, meetings and more. It was an endless platform for your imagination to soar to greater heights.

“Dancing is a passion for myself and this gave me and my mom, who is also a vibrant personality, a dancer and choreographer with her talent for multi-tasking to be part of something we love. Since we both are enamoured by a larger vision for life along with our love for people and are awed by their unique capabilities, Hype Studio became a haven for us and the people who kept pouring into the enclave of limitless expression. Every nook and cranny in the studio was bursting with energy as each one contributed their unique talents, while encouraging each other and drawing out the best from another. Discoveries were made of oneself and those around us, which left an indelible mark in all who were immersed in the creative kaleidoscope”.

“Unfortunately, Hype Studio’s physical studio had to close due to the current pandemic, and we began to branch out with the same spark which is to make people feel that they are unique, loved and precious. Hence the space built on creating personalized gifts”.

“Our studio was created to give an opportunity to all artists of multiple disciplines/fields. This pandemic has changed everything for all of us, but we will continue to support and collaborate with any artist or any interested party. We hope to one day reopen our doors to you. Let’s keep creating, connecting and inspiring each other”.


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I believe that everyone has a story to tell and in turn, I love listening to those stories, attempting to paint a picture to my readers with my words. I may not be an artist or painter, but I believe words can create powerful images in ones mind and it is how we share our stories with others.
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