Mövenpick Hotels, the global hotel chain of five- star rating, established in the heart of Colombo has created a niche as a prime location for cozy and intimate gatherings such as contemporary weddings. The very first international venue to be founded after a period of 30 years, Mövenpick Hotel saw the emergence of the next phase of Colombo’s hospitality industry . Reputed for its star class service and comprehensive packages intent on pampering guests, it is considered the best pick in town. The vertical structure, which stands out amongst Colombo’s fast evolving skyline, inevitably consists of the modern amenities, furnished with state-of-the-art appliances which are on par with global standards. “With reference to weddings, we at Mövenpick cater to the couples who prefer the modern intimate styles in comparison to lavish, traditional functions. The younger generation opt for a selected crowd that truly matter to them when hosting their nuptials and our packages are ideal for them. Evolving and adapting to the spirit of intimacy , many opt for the specially created wedding packages which include a delectable array of menus personally compiled by our Swiss Chef,” stated Mövenpick Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing,

download_13Padmi Fernando, who has a wealth of experience in creating innovative concepts in the hospitality industry . “The local and foreign couples who choose Mövenpick Colombo are bound to get the best deal in town with added benefits thrown in freely as a pleasant surprise. Couples are guaranteed to feel they matter and their day is significant to us as we pay attention to detail. Based on providing a concept of natural free-flowing enjoyment, we value the thought of creating moments to cherish as they unite in love. For instance, we ensure a greater bonding within the bridal party by indulging them to sparkling wine and chocolates, intent on relaxing the mood. In addition, the couple can avail of our brand- new fleet of Audi cars, which can be utilized freely within the Colombo city limits. Apart from the champagne counter, flower arrangements and other complimentaries, couples who are privileged to choose Mövenpick Hotel can obtain discounted rates for the honeymoon destination of their choice within the worldwide chain of hotels such as Bali, Thailand and much more.

Built on the idea of giving couples a more personalized and thoughtful service, we take care of the key download_11elements which make this day extra special to the couple and all involved.  The tailor- made or custom-oriented wedding packages include a room which can be upgraded to a suite on request inclusive of honeymoon amenities, chosen exclusively for each couple. Mövenpick Hotels are renowned for their unique concepts which bring a smile to the faces of their guests each time they recall the time spent at this prestigious venue. For instance, the in-house guests and walk-in customers marvel at the thought of receiving a bountiful array of tantalizing chocolates during the chocolate hour which is a unique concept endemic to the hotel on a global sphere.  These thoughtful gestures are bound to create a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of Mövenpick guests and visitors alike. Couples who choose Mövenpick Hotel are guaranteed to experience the novelty of warm and touching moments which will surely make their wedding day more memorable,” added Padmi Fernando.

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