Drawing inspiration from the alluring felines of yore- the mystical and mesmerizing pantheras is PANTHERA, the female exclusive modeling agency resonating deeply with the modern woman, empowering each of them to evolve into a woman of substance!

The world has altered drastically since the graceful albeit majestic pantheras ruled but their fearless and majestic spirit is imbued within the woman of today. What defines PANTHERA from the rest is the quest to mould a woman into the best version of themselves, while chiseling away the negativity hurled by society among other things which threatens to suppress the essence of each woman.

“We believe that the energy of the pantheras is now in the form of a strong woman oozing with confidence who will be a role MODEL and stand up for what they believe in. The energy is in you!

Now our jungle is concrete, our environment is digital. The world has changed but we will adapt. We have the power in our hands to rebuild, change, and create and most of all to inspire.”


Panthera is a holistic management agency that scouts, develops, represents and places talent all over the world.  Operating in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Mumbai, India, it is committed to bridging the gap between models and their future employer/s. Panthera stands for many causes in hope to make a positive impact on the society, therefore the models represented possess more than mere physical attributes. They are also role models to their societies and communities. Panthera is set to compete globally, taking into consideration that its ever-expanding clientele extend to many geographies covering all the continents.

Parthiva H. – Founder: Parthiva has a passion for creating stunning digital assets and loves to deal with people.

Panthera has a liaison office located in London, England in order to provide opportunities for Sri Lankan and Indian models to reach the global market. Panthera strives to do good for the communities which the brand resides in; such as educating the youth on the importance of conserving wildlife.

Core Services of Panthera;

Scouting Talent – While scouting talent predominately in Sri Lanka and India, Panthera also operates as a global mother agency looking for unique faces from various places.

Development – Training is provided to all models in order to acquaint them to meet the agency standards.

Representation – Overall representation of models exclusively in Sri Lanka and India.

Placements – Models are only placed with selected agencies worldwide. While model placement is not guaranteed it is the agencies prerogative to choose from the vast array of talent that Panthera is gifted with.

Shiara G. – Photography, Graphic Design, Talent Scout and Manager

Shan Yi Fan. – Graphic Design, Photography, Sales and Manager


As a dynamic agency that operates in the age of major social change, Panthera believes that whilst their models represent a brand or company, they can also be the face of positive change for various causes. This enables Panthera to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities while providing good citizens and exceptional models to best fit a brand.

Furthermore, due to the implications of COVID-19, Panthera maintains a strong relationship with the models and clients through virtual platforms, tapping into additional facilities such as e-signing, emailing of documents and virtual meetings. This infrastructure not only adheres to health and safety regulations but also helps Panthera be environmentally friendly.

Ingrained within the Panthera ethos is the safety of models; “We believe in keeping our models safe and educating them to be safe in any work environment. We have zero tolerance for our models to be taken advantage of. Our aim is to create a safe environment for our models and provide a cordial work environment with our clients.”

Operating in a network based structure, Panthera believes in treating everyone equally and with respect, while choosing to work as a team. Transparency is ensured at all times in order to create a positive and fair work environment for all parties involved.

Joining the Panthera Family enables you to roar with pride as you are doing a whole lot more than modeling. You are becoming the best version of you!

Panthera – Empowering the Woman of Today

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