Her poise and confidence portrays a lady who can take on the world come what may!

Our cover girl is none other than the sensational Tanuja Perera; a beautiful young lady who embodies the woman of today. Epitomizing the millennial who finds satisfaction in multiple roles, she has established herself in various genres from singing to being a fitness Instructor and more.  Oozing self- confidence, Tanuja is the ideal role model for the young girls who aspire to succeed in their varied career options.

Leading by Example

The conversation opened with a reference to her commitment to fitness. “At present we do see quite a number of men and women engaging in sports and daily exercise but most Sri Lankans rely on their natural skinniness and avoid any form of physical excursion but that is not necessarily a good thing,” proclaimed the outspoken lady who stresses on the importance of overall wellbeing which includes some form of exercise. “The Sri Lankan diet is prone towards carbohydrates and sugar, which makes my job a tad more challenging as it involves a paradigm shift in terms of diet and exercise.” Watching her fitness videos puts action to words as this lady is serious about guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. She does not mince her words but points them towards the dire errors in diet and exercise prior to offering them a solution.

 “All my trainers at Kinetic Fitness are highly qualified as I ensure that all of them obtain an international certification. This is a strict policy I adhere to as I believe that I have been granted the opportunity of changing a life and I cannot treat it lightly,” emphasized she.

Singing is My Heart and Soul  

In mid conversation I broached on her passion for singing, to which she responded laughingly, “Apparently, I used to sing even before I started talking!” exclaimed the diva who had auditioned for X-factor a few years ago, further claiming that her perpetual dream was to be a singer. “I even wrote a Grammy acceptance speech at age seven,” she confessed with amusement.   Listening to her sultry voice, one cannot help but agree that this sister is a singing sensation who prefers soul and Rhythm and Blues.

“Singing was such a huge part of my life that my sister, Radhika and I moved to the Big Apple to pursue a career in singing calling ourselves ‘Tharaka’ which means stars in the vernacular.”

Braving the Storms

A few years ago our family was dealt a devastating blow due to the death of my father and brother at very close intervals. The double tragedy drove me to the depths of despair and I refrained from singing and spent days in a stupor. Ultimately the realization dawned on me that their untimely deaths were due to negligence and I had to take stock of my life in order to avoid the pitfalls. This adversity altered my path and I drove into a fitness regime with aplomb and followed a course of study on fitness.  The calamity caused me to view life with a whole new perspective.

In 2009 I made it a profession and never looked back. The very fact that I can talk to folks and enlighten them on leading a better prolonged life brings immense satisfaction.

The UK/ SL connection

 “Though I grew up in England my move to SL took place with ease as our many vacations were spent with family in SL during our growing up years. When I finally chose to make SL my home, I was filled with a sense of belonging and found many friends and acquaintances willing to provide scores of opportunities. I strongly adhere to the mantra that if things are flowing freely in a positive light, one should succumb to it and the very opposite would be to remove oneself from negative vibes and places which stifle your sense of worth.”

Achieving a Balance

In between fitness training and singing the versatile lady tucks in bouts of modeling due to her personality and natural flair for it.

“My week consists of seventy percent fitness wherein I am involved through ‘Kinetic Fitness’ and thirty percent singing with my band at private events and modeling.  This active lifestyle requires a great deal of mental balance and I achieve equilibrium through meditation. I aspire to live life to the fullest as life is too short to be pigeon-holed.”

Apart from working at her studio ‘Kinetic Fitness’ which is based in Prana Lounge where she conducts her fitness classes, Tanuja along with her team offer an attractive selection of packages to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul at star class hotels in Sri Lanka. It could be tailor made to benefit the travel weary souls or fitness aficionados who crave for invigorating albeit regimented exercise programs for a stipulated time period.

On a Mission  

Tanuja, is determined to exert her influence to the aspiring models through the many endeavours she is involved in such as, Ms. Intercontinental, The Agency Model Search, CFW and more. ‘We need to hone our models to be on par with international standards and that is achievable through intense training sessions as we have a wealth of industry experts who are willing to provide the advice and time to identify and offer their best to dedicated individuals who are serious about making a career out of modeling,”

Most often than not Tanuja has been granted her deep seated wishes due to her ability to discern what is needed to achieve actual joy coupled with her positive approach to life. Unperturbed by the challenges she forges ahead on a purpose driven path towards success.

There is much to learn from this amazingly confident lady who raises the bar for herself in terms of achieving the fullness of life. A mere tête- ê- tête with her makes you feel that you can achieve anything in life if you set your heart and mind to it!

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