Sri Lanka’s trendiest shopping outlets are prepping up for the festive season with a plethora of retail items that will add a sparkle to your seasonal shopping spree. With sales bonanzas and gift vouchers galore, one is certainly left with limitless choices to make when selecting a gift for a loved one, an acquaintance or merely indulging oneself to that well-deserved gift as it is also a season for pampering as we bid adieu to another year……

  1. ANDHUM ANDHUM– With an emphasis on style and not merely the brand, the shop which is classed as a one- stop- shop offers something special this season.
  2. AURORA – A one-of-a-kind store which has revolutionized the fashion industry in Sri Lanka with a combination of accessibility, ease of payment and a vast selection of formal wear, casual wear in all sizes within its branches and an online store with an unprecedented freedom of choice.
  3. AVIRATE– The international fashion brand which is produced in Sri Lanka gives women the ability to slip into any role they desire while looking fashionable. Interwoven in the values is the mission to make each outfit exude sensuality, feminity, grace and modernity. The seasonal collection gives prominence to the preferred colours for events which are black, blues and the seasonal favourite red.
  4. BELLA’S ARCADE – Making its imprint felt among the fashion conscious girls and women across the island by providing the most elegant styles in evening wear and bridal wear has seen it becoming a firm favourite among its growing clientele, who are sure to find the most unique dresses which enhances each person’s individuality while making them the cynosure of all eyes at any event.
  5. BEVERLY STREET– Epitomizes the term, ‘versatility …the spice of life’ with its array of fashionable attire which is replenished each month, leaving its customers spoiled for choice. Catering to men, women and children in all age groups has seen its popularity grow in leaps in bounds.
  6. CHARLES & KEITH-Aimed at addressing the growing consumer demand for branded apparel, this renowned brand which has captured the Sri Lankan market for its sophisticated styles takes the customers on a journey of contemporary fashion in keeping with the international trends.
  7. COOL PLANET– One of the foremost department stores which has earned a reputation for its value for money, has reached all and sundry with the wide array of products on offer. A pioneer in the one -stop-shop concept, it has made rapid progress through its island-wide network of branches.
  8. COTTON COLLECTION- Sharing the passion for fashion has been the key element to its prominence in the industry, Cotton Collection is one of Sri Lanka’s prominent fashion stores that compliment style and fashion. It concentrates on retailing ladies, gents and kids clothing.
  9. DILLY & CARLO– The exclusive range of clothing encompasses a timeless elegance through the perennial styles which are eye-catching and matchless. Quintessentially chic, the popular and well-respected local brand offers an all- encompassing fashion meets the demands of the increasingly cosmopolitan audience while rising to the challenge of growing in new and wonderful ways alongside its loyal and ever growing customer base by bringing together the past, present and future.
  10. DOUBLE XL– In keeping with the style philosophy that ‘beauty comes in all sizes,’ has earned a loyal yet niche clientele who are able to enhance their natural flair for fashion through the stylish albeit trendy outfits on display. With the ultimate purpose of satisfying the clothing and accessory needs of everyone who likes to live larger than life has given it the cutting edge in terms of a loyal customer base who value the contemporary styles which are guaranteed to keep you trending, no matter your size!
  11. DRESSMO– Chooses to inspire the fashion diva in their customers through the classy and fabulous designs. The innovative clothing and accessories appeal to those who do not wish to simply wear fashionable clothing but be a fashion statement per se.
  12. FASHION BUG– guarantees that perfect look through its splendid range of clothing which includes a stunning and vast collection of brands which are meticulously handpicked by the experts who continuously aspire to offer value for money and create a memorable style ethos, which has made it one of the preferred retail stores since its inception.
  13. G FLOCK– Is all about accentuating the multi-faceted persona in you at any given moment of the day. The fashionable clothing brand has drawn multitudes by offering a range of glamorous designs with the best of casual and formal wear at an affordable price.
  14. GLITZ / NO LIMIT – A collaboration of the largest fashion chain with its ultra- modern trends to a world class experience showcasing brands from the global fashion platforms has given the local fashion gurus a treasure trove in terms of choice. The strategically located outlets are synonymous with the ultimate fashion trends for shopaholics who seek the latest trends in designer wear, which has made it a preferred one stop shop for fashion.
  15. HAMEEDIA –The leading menswear company has achieved phenomenal growth since its inception and acquired a household name across the island while rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Having established itself as a leader in providing high quality custom tailored and ready-made clothing options for men, it has enabled the fashion conscious man to look their very best at every occasion.
  16. HOUSE OF FASHION – The perennial one stop destination has been offering an extensive choice for decades. At present it is the biggest department store in the country offering a luxurious shopping experience to its loyal customers.
  17. KAMSINS – The inimitable fashion wear for women and men who value the intrinsic designs Indian sarees, lehengas, shalwars, suits, sherwanis and kurthis. The outfits are further glamourized by the exquisite accessories on display. Specializing in wedding attire for couples who wish to capture the ethnic trends as every piece is intricately worked and embroidered with beautiful threads of gold, silver, bronze and a multitude of stones and sequins.
  18. KELLY FELDER – Is all about ‘Feeling Gorgeous’ as each outfit epitomizes its identity as an international brand with Sri Lankan roots. The Urban chic label exudes sophistication as the tastefully designed products are made from the finest fabrics which are sure to enhance your look while adding panache to your wardrobe.
  19. KYLIE ANGEL –Ultra-chic to the core, the outfits have the ability to create a sense of living life to the fullest
  20. LADY HOLTON- The upbeat trends in keeping with the newest tastes are available for those who desire to make fashion a mantra, a way of life so to speak as they lead where others follow.
  21. LEVEL OUTFITTERS – Invites you to make it a December to Remember with their amazing styles which are designed for the fashionista in you.
  22. LEVI’S- In this lifetime owning a Levis pair of jeans is compulsory for fashion’s sake as it has sparked a global fire which has not been quenched due to its popularity and the brands top quality, hence the visit to the Levis store is an indulgence one cannot do without as jeans simply do not go out of style. In addition it epitomizes classic western style and individuality.
  23. MANGO – Patronized for its international renown, the brand holds forte for its supreme quality of products which elevates the wearer a notch higher at any function. Having established the brand overseas, it was only a matter of time before it hit the shows of Lanka to cater to the discerning shopper in this island.
  24. MIMOSA – Conceptualizes unique fashion trends which are further complimented by its affordability. The varied collection speaks volumes about elegance and sophistication which are imperative to the modern woman.
  25. NILS – Each month is a chance for customers to be enthralled by the collection of casual, office, party and cocktail wear on offer. Striking a delicate balance between a woman’s many roles is inevitable which is highlighted by these garments, ensuring the sustenance of each lady’s unique characteristic in a striking manner.
  26. ODEL- Sri Lanka’s premier lifestyle retailer is primed to wow the entire country this season with the most vivid designs in terms of clothing, accessories and every other item which adds to the fame of its name. Since its inception the name has achieved international renown as it has sparked a significant growth with over 1500 varied items in its product mix serving the populace wholeheartedly through a holistic approach.
  27. SPLASH- A great place for retail therapy, splash offers you an extensive range of outfits to suit every mood and moment from daring to adventurous, demure, high fashion and more contemporary styles in keeping with global trends.
  28. TFO – Its stellar growth is largely due to its impressive selection of products to a broad client base from all walks of life. Quality is key and value for money is guaranteed, which is the reason for clients to frequent the store so often.
  29. THE OUTLET STORE– ‘Get Smart for Less’ reads the tag line of this store which has gained popularity among the family shoppers as it gives a complete range of items to choose from as its truly a shopper’s paradise.
  30. UPTOWN Liberty Plaza– is a hive of activity as fashion is given prominence at the all-in-one store which is all about you. With a selection of flattering styles and brilliant choices, it requires a zest for shopping. The inspirational styles aim to please the inner diva or hunk who wishes to raise the bar in personal grooming and make a statement in fashion’s hall of fame.
  31. URBAN TRENDS– Offering quality and affordability, is a multi-brand retail store promoting an assortment of exclusive top-of-the-range products available under one roof. The collection is famed for its diverse categories which are economically priced specifically for the urban and suburban shopper.
  32. SPRING & SUMMER – One of the leading retailers in Sri Lanka, who has stealthily risen to popularity and shows no signs of slowing down! Providing unique, quality wear at an affordable price has given them an edge above the rest. The customer is certainly the king or queen in their eyes and treated with the best service possible has been pivotal to their resounding success.
  33. Shirt Works SWX – An exclusive menswear selection which expresses individuality and class. The handpicked styles offer a complete solution to all men who wish to indulge in premium wear all day long.
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