The month of October is dedicated globally to creating awareness about Breast Cancer, the disease which continues to stake an unwarranted claim on women’s lives. While the statistics are alarming, the disease can be prevented to a greater extent through preventive measures such as TLC which is the abbreviation for; Touch your breasts, Look for changes and Check anything that is unusual with your doctor.

Women are known to multitask and shoulder many responsibilities, which leaves little or no time to ensure their own well-being and may result in falling prematurely ill. Unlike most other forms of cancer, fatalities due to breast cancer is predominantly low if detected early but this requires a significant amount of awareness to be generated among women. This is the reason for the entire month of October being dedicated globally to creating awareness about breast cancer and measures to nip it in the bud.

Some of the significant recommendations to combat the disease is to self-examine the breast once a month seven days after the start of your menstrual flow. If you are menopausal it is better to schedule a day each month as there is no age limit for TLC. Breast cancer does not always start with a lump. Some of the five most common signs are difference in skin texture, rash or crusting, nipple discharge, unusual appearance or direction of the nipple being awry and the lump may not be visible but could be felt. Detecting these changes in your breast at an early stage can save your life.

Since 1985 Breast Cancer Awareness has been given a new lease on life with the introduction of the pink ribbon. Emblazoned with emphasis on TLC is the strong message for the year 2020, with many activities being organized worldwide. In Sri Lanka too Indira Cancer Trust (ICT) is working with many partners to promote awareness this October simply because early detection saves lives! If you are planning an event to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness and need support or wish to acquire breast prosthesis or wigs contact ICT on the hotline.

While many have succumbed to the disease after a severe battle, there are women who have fought valiantly and overcome the disease, mainly due to early detection and this leaves others with hope that the fight against breast cancer can be won through awareness.


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