Hailing from a business oriented family, Tania S. Abeysundara, Founder and Managing Partner of SenVin Collection is a magnate in her own right. After completing her higher education at the Sydney Designer College she returned to her homeland and promptly got married. After the birth of her two elder children, Tanya gradually started exploring her innate talent, which was designing. Het initial venture of two hundred skinnies was given an impetus by her friend Thusitha, who placed the first order and within a few days her designs were a hit. That was fourteen years ago, and she has never looked back!

The Creative Spark

The initial reticence faced by her potential clients, was gradually replaced by admiration and respect for her work and her forthright manner.

She commenced her operations by providing stock lots as well, yet her passion was for creating a client’s own brand. Therein was her potential and capability.

“Initially my suggestions were met with skepticism but I proved my worth and rose above their expectations.”

What does SenVin stand for?  “It is derived from my elder childrens’ names, which are Senuri and Vinura.”

Her greatest joy

“My greatest strength is my family, especially my husband, Prasad Abeysundara who offers me his unstinted support and works alongside by managing the Finance sector. He has granted me the freedom to make my own decisions and has always been my greatest ally. My daughter, Senuri is twenty one and currently in Australia majoring in Accounts. She will be joining the business during the latter half of 2018, Vinura, my son is nineteen years old, and is attached to Deakin University Australia studying Bio-Technology. I am proud to state that he has been instrumental in producing an innovative charging device for mobile phones, which is a great achievement. I also have an eight year old son who is the baby of the family.”

A vision that spans the globe

Tania’s vision which began as a spark has reached a global scale through hard work and dedication.

“Through SenVin we provide our clients ample opportunities to develop their own brand; from the start we offer them untapped potential worth every penny and we also go that extra mile by investing in their brand as well.

Our policy is to invest, design and manufacture their own brand and we offer an added advantage by granting them a lengthy credit period.

The company undertakes all aspects from the point of receiving the order to the final dispatching of the products to local and international clients.

The quality of our products has resulted in the design and manufacturing of garments for a number of major department store chains in Sri Lanka. The company also manufactures promotional T-shirts for many leading state and private sector institutions in the country, Today the company manufactures a significant amount per month for local and international buyers.

We have also started to manufacture our own branded apparels under the name of “ARVAN” for gents, ladies and kids for the international and local markets. Another venture of mine has taken wing recently with the establishment of our new factory in Galle manufacturing a range of elegant chiffon blouses which will be exported in due course.

In addition to my family, I must give credit to the skilled and dedicated workforce of around two hundred employees operating in four factories, which has led us to deliver some of the finest clothing with excellent quality, process flexibility and high standards in our services.

The essence of a woman

Our conversation was interspersed with calls from her children and she calmly attended to their needs whilst managing a huge facility. Her excellent managerial skills were interwoven with motherly, tender care. Here was a persona who could balance both worlds with panache and succeed in both spheres.

Her clientele value her honesty and integrity which is primarily their reason for retaining her invaluable services.

Her character rose in my esteem as she confessed to being humbly proud of her achievements. She is a devout Buddhist, who believes that everything in life is impermanent and emphasizes on the importance of ones deeds and thoughts. She further prioritized on being content. She is a staunch believer that making another person happy, devoid of any ulterior motive is more important than making money per se.

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